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Along a length of walkways that leads to the tranquil fauna environment, you will pass rows of mini forests and enter a shelter lined with pale, rough sea rocks collected specially from the ocean. Deeper into the green shrubbery, passing some lili pad ponds you will arrive across an expansive balcony to the threshold of your very own luxurious villa siphoned away from the bustling crowd.

Within the villa a large four-poster bed shrouded by a beige cotton canopy welcomes you. Each villa is designed differently in accordance to the natural terrains and nature's inlaid trees and comes with their own living area.

Ambling through the villa you will find under those sturdy rustic bamboo poles, is your own Jacuzzi lined with stunning and unique mosaic tiles, when lit at night tiny lights that complement with the mosaic work.

The villas carry one of most representations of the green practices. Trees come through the floors, bedrooms, bathrooms, living area, through carefully constructed glass walls within the villas that hold original trees of the terrains since construction, encased and protected, making the villas one of a kind. Small wild garden patches along the pathways mark the grounds, playing home to plants and sprouting seedlings of fruit trees around, papayas, coconuts and durians– resonating greenery.

Ideal for quixotic romantic getaways or private functions to celebrate an occasion, we are more than happy to assist in making these special occasions a memorable experience.
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