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Did you know?

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility program, we sponsored the Biodiversity Portal of Singapore which aims to educate people about the value biodiversity and the importance of its preservation.

Welcome to our green abode. The resort prides itself in its dedication in preserving the natural habitat of its surrounding, within its premise and we are delighted to share the experience with our guests.

In its commitment to the policy of environmental preservation, the resort with its staff and management has embarked on measures and applications to ensure the Eco approach in turn it allows our guests the peace and tranquility of what nature has to offer.

Breakfast with free spirited squirrels, listening to the croaking of frogs within our villas during the dews of rains, bask in the spring water landscape pool, the only kind in Singapore.

Journey with us as we take you to an experience trekking through the premise's little jewels of nature. We hope you will take with you more than just a memory when you stay with us.
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