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Did you know?

Studies show that breakfast eaters display better attitudes, are more energetic and productive throughout the day.

Children who have breakfast perform better in school.

People who skip breakfast may not get their daily quota of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

At SBR, we encourage our guest to have their breakfast with us daily because we care.
Our dining experience caters to more than just an experience, care is taken in minimising carbon footprints while guests enjoy their meals.

Dishes are prepared with homegrown herbs within the resort's own garden, from mints to basil and many more spices of a variety. Savor some of our all time favourites such as fish and chips or try out the grilled fish palate for healthier choices.

Our green conscious cafe
Every ingredient used in the menu are ensured with care to minimise carbon foot prints, this includes purchasing ingredient primarily from local sources first and when unavailable purchases will then be made from the next nearest source possible including countries such as Vietnam and Malaysia.

Event decors are prepared fully using home grown leafs and flowers as decor, this in turn leads to minimum or no usage of tablecloths. Through a food disposal system use of garbage bags are also minimised.

While appreciating the nature around the vicinity, we hope to share the finer details to the dining experience with our valued diners. From embracing what nature has to offer around us and aspire to continuously bring that experience to the palate.
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