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100% natural spring water is collected from an underground reserve and filtered through a long pond that extends throughout the second floor.

Before the water is channeled into the pool, it first goes through natural sand filtration, followed by an oxygenation process and then passes through automated sand filteration.

A portion of this water is then directed towards the irrigation of trees and plants within the resort while the rest of the water goes through a salt ionizer and passes on to the swimming pool, which is also why our water is a bit salty.

So, where does this spring water come from?

During the construction phase of the resort, one of the concrete piles became flooded with water. While pumping this water, it was found that during piling a clay pipe had been broken into. This clay pipe had been laid down by missionaries representing the National Environment Act in the 1940s- 50s in an effort to reduce Malaria by leading this water out to sea.

This water originates from an underground reservoir which is situated right under the Villa Wing.

We do not add chlorine, but the water is kept minimally chlorinated (as required by the Singaporean government) through a more environmentally friendly and healthy process called salt ionization. The result is a clean and slightly salted water pool that comes without the burning eyes nor caustic smell of common chlorine additive pools.

Saving precious resources: water
Siloso Beach Resort collects its own spring water from the totally natural underground reservoir; the filtered supply fills the swimming pool where guests, shaded by luscious greenery, take a refreshing dip or lie languidly on the wooden deck chairs.

And the overflow from the pool does not go down the drain. Since the water is only minimally chlorinated and kept sanitised by an ionised salt solution that is so safe, the overflow is used in the ponds sprinkled around the resort and the fishes thrive in their lovingly man-made habitat.
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