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Did you know?

Standard piling will cause ground vibrations that damage the roots of trees and eventually lead to their death. Instead we used a more expensive method called micro-bore piling in order to set our building foundations without damaging the trees.
Singapore's Eco Activities
Contents here are directly sourced from the National Park. Please refer to for full National Park programs.
  • 1. Central Nature Reserve
    - Up close and personal @Pierce.
    Lower Peirce Trail, 1st Saturday of every month, 9.30am.

    - A walk with your neighbours.
    The Macaques of Bukit Timah.

    - A walk in an ancient forest.
    Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, 3rd Saturday of every month, 9.30am

    - Nature gallery walk.
    Dairy Farm Nature Park- Wallace Education Centre, Every 2nd Saturday of the month. Time: 9.30-10.30am

    - You & your environment learning trail @hindhede Nature Park.

    For more information please call 1800-471 7300 (Toll-free) or visit Central Nature Reserve website

  • 2. Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve
    For a guided walk and learn about the interesting web of life of the inhabitants of the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. This guided walk is suitable for everyone, including families with children.

    For more information please call 67941401 or visit Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve website

  • 3. Singapore Botanic Garden
    - Edible & medical plants tour (1.5 hours)
    Singapore Botanic Gardens, every 1st Saturday of the month, 9am and 10am.

    - Rainforest tour (1 hour)
    Discover the enchantment of our tropical rainforest. Tour conducted in both English and Mandarin.

    - National Orchid Garden Tour (1 hour)
    Explore the beauty and diversity of orchids in the National Orchid Garden. Tours will be condicted in both English and Mandarin.

    - Evolution Garden Tour (1 hour)
    Journey through time in the Evolution Garden.

    For more information please call (65) 6471 7138 / (65) 6471 7361 or visit Singapore Botanical Gardens website

  • 4. MacRitchie Reservoir
    Embark on this "Earth & Water" walk, suitable for young children, to understand why forests are so amazing and their relationship with our most essential necessity – water.

    For more information please see details

  • 5. Fort Canning Park
    - Trees of Fort
    Embark on this adventure and discover the secret lives of our heritage trees and more!

    Our nature-loving guides from The Green Volunteers will walk you through this public park that has undergone a series of historical transformation through the centuries.

    - Heritage on the hill
    This approximately 2 1/2hour FREE programme will highlight the changing faces of Fort Canning through the centuries.

    - The Fort Canning Spice Trail
    Join us as we guide you along The Fort Canning Spice Trail and discover the fascinating world of spices.

    For more information and contact please see details

  • 6. Hortpark
    HortPark's latest attraction - Butterfly Garden - is an experimental project that supports efforts for a Butterfly Species Recovery Programme. It aims to breed various butterfly species, including locally extince species using suitable nectar and host plants in the enclosure.

    For more information please call 6471 5601.

  • 7. Bukit Batok Nature Park
    The one hour tour at Bukit Batok Nature Park highlights the interesting plants and wildlife that can be found in an established secondary forest habitat. The walk will allow participants to appreciate the importance of forests in their daily lives.

    For more information please email to

  • 8. Labrador Park
    - Heritage comes alive
    From 14th century Temasek to 20th century Singapore, let's discover the rich heritage Labrador Nature Reserve has to offer. During the early years of trading to the defence of Singapore during World War II, Labrador Nature Reserve has played a role in them. Join us!

    - Tresasure trove
    Marine habitat is important in a well-balanced living ecosystem. Their survival in today’s complex environment is critical for their sustainability and is affected by human interference. It is important to understand and protect their living habitat and ensure their continued survival in the entire living ecosystem.

    - Fascinating forest
    Come and experience the fascinating forest of Labrador Nature Reserve. LNR is a gazetted reserve, which contains an indigenous ecosystem that houses Singapore’s rich biodiversity including Singapore’s only protected coastal cliff vegetation and rocky shore.

    For more information please email to

  • 9. Yishun Park
    - Forest of the elders
    The one hour tour at Bukit Batok Nature Park highlights the Come and join us in the nature walk to learn about the beautiful and important forest trees in the Dipterocarp Arboretum of Yishun Park. Find out how the fauna life exist to live together with these giants in the forest!

    For more information please email to

  • 10. Admiralty Park
    - Roots, shoots and fruits!
    The Plant Kingdom is made up of a large variety of plants that use different methods according to the habitats they thrive in for survival. This guided walk highlights how different plants have adapted to the environment to allow successful growth and reproduction in Admiralty Park.

    - Exploring back mangroves!
    Have you heard about "Merbau", "Merawan" and "Punna"? These are actually trees found in our back-mangroves. They are tough plants that can survive in very poor aerated soil and occasional flooding. These useful plants are beneficial to humans. Come and learn more about them and their interesting properties!

    For more information please email to

  • 11. Pasir Ris Park
    - Up close and personal
    A precious pocket of mangrove around Sungei Tampines was preserved when Pasir Ris Park was created. A boardwalk weaves through this important ecosystem, bring visitors close to its plants and animals.

    - Kitchen garden tour
    Excite your senses wiht out Kitchen Garden Tour. Find out how vegetables are grown before it gets onto your plate. You will also learn about some natural remedies that our grandmothers might have planted in their own backyard.

    For more information please email to

  • 12. Pulau Ubin
    - Chek Jawa Guided Tour
    Join us for a one hour guided tour to discover and learn about Chek Jawa's six ecosystems and the diverse array of animals that inhabits these unique habitats.

    Guided tours are conducted on days when tides recedes to 0.5 metres and below for at least two hours when the intertidal flats are revealed.

    - Sensory trail
    Experience Ubin's wonderful nature through your different senses along our Sensory Trail. The walk is easy going and takes about 1½ hours to complete. This is an excellent introduction to the rustic and natural character of the island.

    For more information and booking, please visit here.
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