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Standard piling will cause ground vibrations that damage the roots of trees and eventually lead to their death. Instead we used a more expensive method called micro-bore piling in order to set our building foundations without damaging the trees.
Sentosa Eco Activities
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1. Siloso Beach Resort's Eco Tour
If you are staying at our resort, ask our friendly reception staff about the Eco Tour, where you will learn all about our green initiatives. We are very glad to share our resort and green message with anyone interested. These tours are free of charge, will last at least one hour, and are subject to availability of our staff. For more information, click here.

2. Nature Walk
Thriving greenery in preserved areas of Sentosa marks the island as a haven for nature lovers.
Home to 45 hectares of natural coastal and secondary forests, you can find some 170 species of birds and animals, and a surprising amount of Heritage Trees in Singapore!
Located right in the backyard of Siloso Beach Resort, we actively promote these trials as a green leisure activity.
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3. Mount Imbiah
Take a short detour to the summit of Mount Imbiah to see the impressive remnants of a British pre-World War II gun emplacement, abandoned in the 1930s.

4. Nature discovery
Get set for a hands-on journey of discovery and sharpen your detective skills. At Sentosa Nature Discovery, nature and fun go hand-in-hand.
The exploration starts with a fascinating gallery of interactive exhibits at the Gallery to brush up your Science Process Skills: Observe, Classify, Compare and Infer. Equipped with these skills, step out into the jungle and explore a wilderness teeming with birds, insects, other wildlife and plants in all manner of different habitats.
Come participate in the daily guided tour or check out other free activities available! Do purchase the Nature Detective Activity Book to learn about nature's wonders through a fun activity book involving games, experiments and crafts.

5. Go Green Cycle & Island Explorer
Our guides will take you to different locations in Sentosa and open your eyes to something new! You will explore areas in Sentosa like the tracks of the Lost Civilization near Fort Siloso where the Dragon's Teeth Gate once stood, the massive mounting of the 9.2" breech loading gun at the top of Imbiah Lookout and many more fascinating spots on the Hybrid Bicycle.

6. Go Green Segway® Eco Adventure
This personal mobile transporter is great fun and suitable for all ages. For beginners, the Gogreen Segway® Eco Adventure starts with the Fun Ride introductory experience on a secure circuit. Trainers are on hand to help you master this futuristic mobility device.

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