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Did you know?

Our roof top garden, through a German Technological System using eggshells and soil, helps reduce heat of the building, reducing aircon capacity and saves energy.
Nestled within its lush foliage surrounding, Siloso Beach Resort hosts a range of rooms to fit guests' various needs, from romantic getaways for couples to retiring to after fun and games for families or quiet retreats for holidaymakers.

With the main foyer of rooms facing beachfronts, guest rooms are provided a natural back drape of the sea landscape while decking the inner courtyard sprawls a 95m long natural spring water landscape pool with a waterfall feature, providing a relaxing atmosphere.

Every room is fitted with amenities to ensure that your stay is both enjoyable and comfortable. Amenities include coffee & tea making facilities, air conditioning with controls, cable television, drapes that allows soft light, fridge and more.
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